you have some squirrel GIR ? is by far the best moment of the series xD

Is THIS what you’re referring to?

If not this is really embarrassing and will definitely bring down my street cred.

Hey guess what? I’m not dead! I didn’t plan on going on hiatus but that’s kinda what happened anyway. Regardless, I’m back (hopefully for a while this time).

Today my goal is to answer as many messages as I can. However, since I’m so backed up on messages and requests I’m turning off my askbox and for the time being, I won’t be taking new requests.  This is just so I can catch up so if you have a request, please save it.  I will eventually start taking them again and I’d love to hear from you then. Also, please note that any requests sent via fanmail will be ignored or deleted depending on how I feel in the moment. Kay, great!