Can you make gifs of all (or some) of the easter eggs hidden from the show? (bloody gir, cameo of jhonen vasquez, ect.)

I can for sure look into that! I have actually already made one of Jhonen Vasquez’s cameos into gifs here if you’re interested.

Why do you alter the color and contrast of the GIFs you post? They're great aside from that, but I really wish they looked how the actual show was meant to.

It’s just preference I guess. I like to make the colors pop so I turn up the brightness and the vibrancy.  I just like bright things, okay? The show also does not always transfer well to gif format.  Gifs use 256 or less so many colors are lost and dithering occurs.  I think the show looks great when I watch it on my computer, but it doesn’t maintain the same look when I go to gif it. So I also try to get the colors to blend well to reduce the amount of dither. The image below shows what the gif looks like before my adjustments (right) and after my adjustments (left).  On the right the colors are duller and there is dither on pretty much everything except Zim’s face.

But mainly it’s just how I prefer to color my gifs. 

Sorry this isn't gif-related, but where did you get your theme? I like it a lot!

The base code was made by the fabulous Flipse! I took her base code (here) and adjusted it to fit my blog.  The base code is really nice if you want to learn or are just beginning to use HTML and CSS.  It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use if you are looking to make your own theme.

Hope that helps! :)

I have a request. Please have a fantastic day ^_^

Well aren’t you the sweetest person ever!

Thank you (◡‿◡✿)